Professional App to connect to your Fluke tools.




Fluke Connect




Fluke Connect® is a multi-tiered, software-integrated system of wireless test tools and condition monitoring sensors designed to help troubleshoot problem equipment, build successful maintenance programs, and maximize uptime. 


Use the FREE Fluke Connect® Measurements app to capture mechanical, electrical and thermal measurements from an ever-growing list of wireless-enabled Fluke tools. Save equipment measurements to the cloud and reference them any time from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. The cloud features best-in-class security so you can be sure your data is absolutely safe. Plus, conveniently share measurements with colleagues via text or email, or collaborate in real time with a ShareLive™ video call and show them exactly what you’re seeing! 


Unlock additional capabilities with a Fluke Connect® Assets subscription:

• Assign measurements to specific assets in your facility

• Create a work order directly from your handheld device or desktop

• More easily identify where preventive actions are needed by viewing an asset’s status over time

• Visualize multiple measurement types assigned to an asset